What do you need to know about the wedding cake table?

One of the most expected things on every wedding is the Wedding cake. It is not just a dessert anymore – it became a way to emphasize the unique story of young couple`s love, to impress the guests and to remind them of the main theme and motive of the wedding. Here is the question: what kind of wedding cake tables are trendy next bridal season?
The time of huge crème constructions has passed by. They were impressive by their size, but not the tiny, neat details.

Nowadays the situation has changed. Wedding cakes are small, elegant, but carefully decorated. Instead of a flat cake which needs a big table, sometimes even a particular one, it is better to make a multi-level, high, but compact cake. Every level can have a different taste or decoration and please each and every one of the guests. Do not forget that the top level of the cake is traditionally held by the young couple, and the lower levels are left for their guests. Nowadays the wedding cake may be decorated by almost everything – from crème to small statuettes of the couple.

The wedding cake is not anymore a single dessert, whose only function is to feed the guests. A real hit of the modern wedding may be a candy-bar. Not only are the candy-bars a great addition to main meals and desserts, but they also are a beautiful decoration, if they are managed in an appropriate style and match the theme and style of the wedding.

The diversity of sweets on the wedding has absolutely no limits – the couple can personally choose any options available at confectioneries. The advantages of having a candy-bar are: the variety of sweets and the possibility for the guests to taste some sweets before the wedding cake table is shown up (your little guests and their parents will be happy having it, for sure!).

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