The Romantic Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

wedding cake toppers personalized

Recently the famous design of wedding cake is personalised wedding cake toppers. The cake was picture of characteristic personal of bride. The topper is miniature of the both bride and groom. Face of the bride is made as the toppers. It will look so romantic. You can create a design for the theme of topper. For example you make a theme of bride between you and your couple use formal wedding gown then the face is yours and your couple.

Make the personalised toppers is not easy. It is difficult and complicated to make the face like you and your couple. The price is not cheap; maybe the price is more expensive than the standard topper as usual. You must order long time before your wedding day held. For the order, you must order in a special bakery shop especially for personalized wedding cake topper because not all bakery shop can make personalized wedding cake toppers.

personalized wedding cake topper wooden

The personalised wedding cake toppers show the romantic of moment. Make your wedding as perfect as possible. Personalized wedding cake toppers make by request and order from the customer. The theme there is on catalogue. You choose one of the themes, and then the face of topper is you and your couple.

cake topper ornaments picture
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