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In addition to the tradition of throwing the bouquet of the bride, there is also wedding garter tradition. At first, it might seem a bit vulgar, but in fact, it is not right and this moment can be a funny and curious episode of the event.

The wedding garter tradition has begun in XIV century. According to one legend, at that time there was a superstition that a part of bride`s or groom`s clothes brings love and luck into their house. Of course, every guest tended to take a part of this luck, and the couple was not quite happy about that. According to another version, wedding garter is associated with chastity belt, and, taking it off, the room demonstrates that he is a legal and competent husband.
Nowadays these are delicate, subtly decorated garters, made of the tiniest materials. They may be narrow or wide, but necessarily decorated with lace, flowers, bows and even jewelry. Traditionally, it is worn above the right knee. In North America the bride wears two garters: the first one is “lucky” and is the one which the groom throws to unmarried men, and the second one is “sweet” or “honey” garter. This one is taken off by the groom in the first wedding night in a bedroom. Its name symbolizes the beginning of honeymoon. This garter is worn above the “lucky” one, minimum half a hand higher.

The garter is thrown at the end of the wedding, after the wedding cake is cut, but before the bride throws her bouquet. Usually, this moment is accompanied with a special music. This moment is just as important as the first couple`s dance. This is how it happens: the groom helps his bride to seat or to stand on the chair. When unmarried men stand around, he should delicately find the garter with his hands, and then to take it off, supporting the bride`s leg (if he cannot manage to do it on his own, it is better to ask the bride for help, so that nothing awkward happens).

Besides, the groom can take the garter off with his teeth, it is way funnier, but can shock some elder guests. Do not hurry taking the garter off, let the photographer picture this moment. Then the groom stands in front of the crowd, and throw it over his shoulder. The lucky man caught the garter is graded by applauses and invites the girl caught the bouquet for a dance.

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