Some simple marriage proposal ideas for a man

The offer of marriage is a so called turn in the relationship of any couple, after which a new life starts. We can offer you some simple marriage proposal ideas, which you can use to tell your girl-friend about your love.

    1. The classical variant. A man standing on his knee in a restaurant while the couple is having a romantic supper there.
    2. Moonlit walk along the quay. You can tell about your love while walking and listening to the waves.
    3. The words of love at the sunrise. One more romantic place for telling your partner about your love is a remote nook at the sunrise.
    4. A delicious present. Order a cake with the words: “Marry me” or “Be my wife”.
    5. A proposal in an office. Come to your future wife’s working place with a bottle of champagne and a ring, if it is possible.
    6. Radio proposal. If your girl-friend listens to the radio, tell the most romantic things in a live programme and present her a romantic song.
    7. Romantic walk around a park. Just imagine: pleasant music, a warm evening, a long path, decorated with rose petals and candles, you feel that you are tired and offer your girl-friend to sit on a bench and then…
    8. Winter proposal. If you are looking for some simple marriage proposal ideas in winter, the best choice is a small house with a cheerful fireplace in some remote place. It is snowing hard and the wind is blowing, but it is very comfortable and cozy in your house, the atmosphere is filled with love.
    9. Restaurant proposal. Gather your friends and family members in a restaurant and make a proposal.
    10. Cinema proposal. This idea is very original and unusual. You can make your proposal in a cinema, where the trailer with your participation is shown before a film. Isn’t it romantic?
    11. “Parade”. You can organize a “parade” in the yard where your future wife lives. Your friends can help you, they can hold such mottos as ”Marry me!” in their hands.
    12. Blog proposal. You can create an internet blog, where you can tell about your love with the help of poems, songs and photos.

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