Some ideas for the wedding script

Wedding script: fairy wedding. Do you want to spend this day in medieval castle? Probably, the bride pictured herself a beautiful princess, descending by the stairs to her prince. Now childhood dreams may come true! Invite a princess and a prince to your wedding, a king will be your guest, and they all will dance with you.
Let the wizards and the fairies congratulate the couple, and the dwarfs will bring their pot of gold for luck. Why not to become cute elves and to marry in the picturesque grass, following the fairy rules? In this case the married life will also become a fairy.

Wedding script: traditional wedding. You like history and are willing to remember our ancestor`s traditions? Then the script with the redemption of the bride and meeting of the couple with bread and salt will be suitable for you. Organize the wedding in an ancient manor – for instance in Ostankino or Catherine Palace. Nowadays this kind of weddings is becoming more and more popular.

The traditional wedding may occur in one of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches of the country. It does not matter, whether your ceremony will happen in a small provincial church or in a huge cathedral accompanied by the chorus or organ music, anyway the bells will spread the news about your wedding all around.
Wedding script: thematic wedding. Imagine your wedding as an adventure in the fantastic world of your favorite movie! Go and find the treasure with your guests or play some spy games. Or, you want to become a 007 agent and save your lover from mafia`s hands?

You may remember the past century on the retro-wedding. It is easy to imagine the future and invite aliens. Guests will be amused to be around these funny Martians.
Wedding script: exotic wedding. It is not necessary to go to the restaurant or a café after the ceremony. Actually, you can even not to stay in your country at all. Let the luxury and beauty surround the couple from the very beginning of their married life. During the wedding trip, it is possible to visit the most beautiful places of the world. Trip agencies offer a huge amount of wedding trips, from the cheapest ones to the most luxurious.

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