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The newly married couple often has one and the same question: which place to choose for their honeymoon? Some people prefer the seaside, others like to see the sights and enjoy the special atmosphere of the ancient cities. But there is also one unusual way of spending your honeymoon – you can visit the chocolate “capitals” of the world. Here are some honeymoon tips for you.

Spain. You can start your trip in Spain. The explorers of this American continent brought the first coffee-berries, which were used for making chocolate. The first confectioner’s shops were opened here. In Barcelona you can visit the famous museum of chocolate. Different chocolate sculptures, paintings, equipment for making chocolate are kept here. You can also visit the master-classes of famous cooks where you can learn how to cook the best culinary masterpieces.
France. In the seventeenth century chocolate was used for making medicine. There were lots of confectioner’s shops where the best chocolate was made. They added almond, the orange blossom and blossom dust of orchids into chocolate. You can join different clubs of chocolate lovers all over France. The newly married couple will never forget their honeymoon trip to this romantic country.

Belgium. The atmosphere in this country is filled with chocolate. Brussels is the city which is famous for its unbelievable desserts all over the world. The desserts made by «Neuhaus» company are considered to be the best in Europe. There are 20 elite shops in Brussels where you can buy very delicious desserts.

Italy. Antonio Arry was the first person who started making chocolate in Italy. Due to him the city of Turin became one of the chocolate capitals in the world. You can taste a very delicious drink here (it’s made of cream and coffee). The world wide famous factory “Ferrero” was also set up here. In the end of March a popular festival of chocolate takes place in this city. We hope these honeymoon tips will be useful for you!

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