Printable wedding planning checklist

Honeymoon is the most desirable event of every newly-married couple as it is a chance to relax and enjoy each other. Here is a little printable wedding planning checklist how to prepare and what not to forget in order to spend unforgettable time.

6 months before

Choose a place where you want to go. Ask for advice your parents, friends. Count your budget for a holiday including tickets, entertainment costs and accommodation. Look through all advertisements, magazines and websites.

5 months before

Choose desirable travel agency. Be sure to know about special tours for newly-married couple. If you decide to organize your trip by your own, start to prepare all needed documents.

3 months before

Book plane or train tickets. Find the information about documents and visas for your trip. If it is important, start to obtain a passport.

2 month before

Start to think about things which you are going to take. If you need something buy it, but do not forget that it is useless to take a lot of clothes.

1 month before

If you have a video camera, check whether it works properly. Think about obtaining insurance and pay attention to your credit cards. Make a copy of your rout with phone numbers which you give your relatives just in case if you have emergency case. It is time to make a list of things which you need to take.

1 week before

Buy your voucher. Pack your clothes. If you need foreign currency exchange it in the nearest office.

A day of departure

Check that you take all important things including cash and documents. Check the time of your departure. Go to the international airport 2 hours earlier, to the local airport you need to come an hour earlier.
All in all, it is just common printable wedding planning checklist which helps you to prepare for your honeymoon without stress or discomfort and helps you to relax and forget about daily routines.

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