Jewish wedding invitation wording

Every people have their national wedding traditions. Although times change and globalization wears away many differences. Nowadays some nations respect and save and value old customs — such, for example, as on the Jewish wedding. Many of such rituals were saved from the most ancient times. Indeed, in the cleanest type of tradition of the Jewish wedding invitation wording saved in Israel. The point is that in this country a legislation is envisage exceptionally church marriage.

Even the representatives of other religious confessions conclude marriages in the churches. Well and all Jewish go to the rabbi. If bride and fiancé belong to different religious communities, there can be certain difficulties. When you want only to sigh the civil marriage you need to go abroad and to do this in the other country. According to ancient traditions the wedding will pass in the house named chuppa. It is divided by two parts. One part — masculine, other for women. All guests beautifully and solemnly dressed, and the heads of men cover head-dresses — stacks.
Under “Chuppa» a rabbi blesses the bride and fiancée, Ktuba» (marriage agreement) is read «, a bride and fiancée interchange rings. Clothes for wedding couple are very modest: groom — in a strict black suit, necessarily with the covered head, bride — strictly in a white dress without a décolleté, transparent fabric, and the sleeves of dress must cover elbows necessarily.

jewish wedding invitation wording traditional

Observance of post in the day of wedding a groom and bride- too obligatory condition of the Jewish law, it lasts to the end of wedding ceremony. After betrothing «benediction passes above festive breads» and in completion of congratulation, merriment, wedding supper, thus on Jewish traditions on this stage of wedding, men are fenced off from women by a high partition, according to religious considerations. Gifts on the Jewish wedding are not expensive, but necessary in an economy, a groom gets in a gift from the parents «of tolite» (masculine clothing for prayers). The Bride waits a gift from a groom and gets the decorated prayer book with her initials.

After wedding, seven days the couples conduct together, releasing itself from everyday troubles. The Jewish wedding invitation wording is also rather merry, good and simply. Jewish try lot of stuff for making their guests happy in their Wedding day.

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