How to Choose Wedding Invitation Paper

Wedding Invitation Paper

What paper you choose for your wedding invitation is important. If you choose the wrong wedding invitation paper the whole concept of your wedding may be ruined. In choosing the correct paper, you should consider the kind of paper. The kind of paper should perfectly match your theme. Aside from the kind of paper, you should also consider the color, texture and weight for the theme you have chosen.

Color is one of the most important factors in choosing your wedding invitation paper. Your choice of color can either be of the same shade of your wedding color theme. If what you intend is of the same color, you must choose a shade that is lighter never darker. For example, if your color theme is blue, choose powder blue or other lighter shade to give a more formal look. Also, it would be easier and cheaper for you to have it printed. Black or dark blue ink can be used. Darker color for your wedding invitation paper will make it difficult for you to choose ink color for printing. Black ink might not be readable on dark colored paper. It is easier to use lighter color of paper for a simpler and neater look. If your color theme is dark, just add lighter colored accents for your invitation.

Wedding Invitation Paper

Texture and weight are also important for your wedding invitation paper. It is better to choose paper that is smoother for better printing. Even if handmade papers are prettier and very natural looking, it will be costly printing on them. With smoother paper, it will be easier to print especially if you intend to make your invitations yourself. The best wedding invitation paper weight is the one that is in between light and heavy. This weight can be folded neatly and will not look bulky. If you are sending your invitations by post then medium weight paper is a better choice. Light weight paper will tear easily while heavy paper will incur more cost in printing
aside from being bulky.

The best to make the right choice for your wedding paper is to get samples of your choices. Try to print on your samples and fold them. Make them into envelopes before you choose what you really like and buy the whole batch for your invitations.

Wedding Invitation
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