How to choose the right wedding car decoration

What wedding can occur without a luxurious limousine or sedan? Choosing a proper wedding car decoration is one of the most important things to think about.

Before the wedding you need to order wedding car, as well as its decoration, so that the couple`s car would be as festive as their clothes and the ceremony itself. The couple`s car may be decorated by different rings, ribbons, flowers, balls, and other additional accessories. You can even add to the decoration the little dolls of the bride and the groom. The interior of the car can be decorated with fresh flowers, as well as with other parts mentioned above. One of the most fashionable decorating tools is the hearts arranged from the flowers. Of course, the wedding car decoration should be applied to all the car procession.

There is something weird when only the couple`s car is decorated, and the others are simple and strict. But still, there are some differences, because the guests` cars should not be as festive as the couple`s one. Guests` cars and may also be decorated with balls, ribbons, etc. Some parts of the decoration have specific spiritual functions. For instance, the bells traditionally have a function of protection from evil powers. Wineglasses also have their own function: they symbolize the full cup of happiness and love of the couple. In our days the traditions are not that strict, though. That is why it is very popular to apply some funny signs and parts of decoration to the car. You can even ask your friends to think about it, as they always remember amusing stories from the couple`s life, but be careful, because sometimes they can put too much effort in fun rather than in decoration itself.

There is no need to remind that all the wedding car decoration should be properly fixed, taking into consideration the speed of the car, so that no element will be missed in the wedding bustle and upset the bride and the groom.

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