Destination Wedding Invitations – Essential Etiquette Tips

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There are some tips for destination wedding invitations so that you will fulfill the etiquette values in the wedding. First, the essential but sometimes forgotten, the direction map. It is reckless if you do not insert the direction map for the guests because that may cause your guests are lost and confused, and you need to make sure that you explain the clear direction map so the guests will easily understand.

Second, it is important to make sure that you send the invitations more about weeks before, moreover for the siblings or friends who are in other countries or lands. For near or close guests, 1 month is enough period to let them prepare the travel tickets and others preparations. When to send invitations for destination wedding, the sooner is the better to avoid the misunderstanding.

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Third, destination wedding invitations will invite those that come to your engagement party. You even can create website where you will put all of the information’s that you will need for your wedding days, you even can invite those that you forgot to be given invitations. Still, it is better to invite as many as possible so that there will be no one that is left behind and all will pray for your wedding.

wedding invitations for destination wedding
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