Decoration for wedding

diy decoration for wedding

Wedding day should be wonderful and bring joy to newly-married couple and all guests. Every detail plays a very important role in the decoration for wedding and can create special atmosphere of solemnity. That is why it is essential to pay attention to every detail including decoration, place and other stuff.
Many people prefer to engage professionals for organizing this event. But sometimes the result can leave much to be desired and anyway groom and bride have to take part in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Wedding hall

First of all, during the preparation newly-married couple should take into consideration hall decoration. First impression appears at the entrance. Decorated by flowers, curtains or balloons door can create the atmosphere of торжественность. The floor also can be decorated by flower petals or special stickers. The last but not the least in the decoration for wedding it is walls. Despite typical and wide-spread posters or balloons you can use garlands. It will be very delicate to put wild flowers on the monotonous light background. There is another interesting idea connected with photos which can be fixed by bows. The photos can be collected in composition and show the love story of newly-married couple. Finally, in order to be original it is worth not to forgetting about single style of decoration.

Guests’ places

After hall decoration you need to decide about places for your guests. One of the most important details is considered to be name cards which would help guests with their place, highlight solemnity of the event and show respect to all guests. Traditional variants are rather wide-spread and always nice. If you want to be more original you can involve children to write names and even to draw a groom and a bride.

Table decoration

Traditionally, the centre of the table is decorated by flowers. But it would be also look nice if you use fruit basket, different compositions with candles, flower petals, stones and beads. To decorate guests’ tables you can also use different things like bows, ribbons, flowers. Different napkins with unusual ornaments also can create special atmosphere.
The most important thing in decoration is not to be over-diligent as it can overload style of the event.

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