Complete your image with wedding dress accessories

wedding accessories for dress

Wedding dresses and accessories have been created for each other. But still one should know how to choose and combine correctly all details of wedding accessories, starting from shoes, handbag or clutch to diadems and bracelets on hands. Recommendations about choosing wedding dress accessories as well as photos of fashionable accessories you`ll find in our article.

Freedom of choice

Modern brides are not so bound by traditions as their predecessors. Nowadays girls who are going to marry can afford freedom of choosing and a real stretch of imagination. A dress is not necessarily should be fluffy and have a corset. Bridal gown can be of any color, bright colors are in fashion. For instance, you can see on the picture below a bride who has chosen a short evening dress of bright yellow color. Such an outfit perfectly matches both for summer and autumn wedding. Contrast of a yellow dress and orange-yellow flowers of an autumn park or vice versa – a sunny dress and lush green grass and leaves will look equally well on wedding photos.

Wedding dress with accessories

Harmony of wedding accessories

However numerous wedding outfit variants suggest a great responsibility. Long white dress, white shoes, white veil decorated with hair-slide or hair pick, necklace and earrings present a standard set of a bride. Even in this case a taste and ability to combine various accessories are required. But when it comes to a dress of different colors in untraditional style everything is becoming more difficult.

Favourable combination

Selection of wedding dress accessories starts from choosing a wedding dress. All other details must complement image that a bridal gown dictates. It can be light streamy dress without corset, with a belt lower than knees or floor length dress – a dress in peasant style. This is a perfect variant for summer outdoor weeding ceremony. Easy flat shoes and decorations of floral theme will suit such a dress. Instead of a diadem head can be embellished with a wreath of fresh or artificial flowers.

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