Common rules of wearing beach wedding hair accessories

First of all, it`s necessary to define color range of a wedding. Light colors are preferable for beach weddings. Nice colors of beach wedding hair accessories are white, creamy, sandy, golden, light grey, blue and tiffani.
It would be great if you manage to arrange on the beach not only a festive party but also a wedding ceremony. Beach wedding ceremony always looks beautiful. Snow-white arch, a pathway covered with petals, wedding rings in a shell… And what is more, there are sun, splash of water and the wind playing in hair!

Speculating about what beach wedding hair accessories would suit you think about the harmony with tone color and style of your dress, your hair color and surely variations of wedding hair setting.
If a dress is embellished with such bright elements as crystals or other sparkling elements, it`s not worthwhile to choose hair ornaments with very bright and catchy print.

Girls with short hair length shouldn`t choose hair ornaments complemented with massive details for wedding hairstyle. It`s better to prefer small hair-slides, diadems or hairbands.
Brides with quite complicated and fluffy hair settings shouldn`t use bright, eye-catching embellishments as hair setting itself looks very solemn.

Young ladies preferring such decorations as diadem or tiara would better refuse from hair setting with big loose locks. Putting a diadem on such a hairstyle you`ll quickly loose it in beautiful curls. It`s possible to wear a pony tail decorated with pearls or flowers.

Choosing wedding hair accessories in the form of flowers it`s worth thinking whether their color matches color of a bride`s bouquet.

Brides who decided to cover head with a veil but willing to add some accessory to the veil should think thoroughly before combining these two details. Choosing a massive bright accessory you risk making your image absurd.

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