Bachelorette party games: Bride and groom trivia

Bachelorette party

Planning the ideal bachelorette party is not easy, but if you find the right combination of activities, it can turn out to be one unforgettable night. Despite the modern concept of such a party, bachelorette gatherings are not all about getting drunk: they are also about girl friends sharing moments and having tons of laughs. However, having a couple of drinks can loosen up the mood and have the girls get rid of their inhibitions. Planning such a party and are not sure what activities to choose? As far as bachelorette party games are concerned, bride and groom trivia is really fun.

Before setting up the questions, it’s true that some research is required. Bride trivia questions will show who knows the bride best. It’s really fun to ask the bride some questions with not-so-obvious answers, like what could she wear to work if she could choose any pieces of clothing in the world or what is her biggest career regret. To make it even more interesting, you can make a newlywed trivia game, where you ask the bride questions about herself and then ask the groom the same question about his spouse and see if he gives the same answer as hers.

Bachelorette party thematic

Such trivia games could go on for hours and hours, so make sure you establish come kind of program and stick to it or else you won’t be able to do everything you want to do. Bachelorette party games are a great way to bring up old memories and have a good laugh because bachelorette parties are the ideal time for the future bride to remember the good old times she had with her close friends. If the bachelorette party includes only really close friends of the bride, the questions can be even more intimate if everyone is comfortable with that suggestion.

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