A wide range of accessories for wedding

Wedding celebration consists of a great variety of cute and sophisticated trifles: wedding postcards and invitations, wedding goblets and album, book of wishes, cushion for rings etc. All of them create inimitable and surprising wedding aura, atmosphere of romantic and magic holiday. Surely, for a wedding much depends on accessories, that`s why it`s necessary to pay particular attention to choosing of them. It`s possible to buy, order them or make them with your hands – the choice is yours! Anyway choice of accessories for wedding depends only on your personal preferences and desires!

Wedding accessories are important elements of any wedding ceremony. By means of them a wedding gains individuality and distinctive features. What wedding accessories are necessary for a modern wedding?

The most important point in the shopping list of a bride is an acquisition of a wedding dress. But what other accessories for wedding are necessary for creating a tender and elegant bride`s image?
• A veil or any other headwear (wreath, hat), hair accessories (hair-slides, diadems etc.), gloves.
• Wedding shoes that must be beautiful and comfortable for wearing during the whole day.
• A small wedding handbag for essentials. Powder, lipstick, tissues can be put in it. A handbag can be made in the form of a pouch with a lacy handle or elegant clutch and others.

• A jacket, cardigan, bolero, shawl or other mantle that will cover tender shoulders of a bride if it`s chilly outdoors.
• Wedding embellishments. If a wedding dress is richly decorated it`s better to choose hardly noticeable embellishments to fetch out and emphasize beauty of a bride. And conversely if an outfit is quite simple a bride can choose more luxurious embellishments.
• A wedding garter — a piquant detail of a bride`s wedding image.
• Beautiful wedding underwear for the first wedding night.

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