2015 Wedding Cakes

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In 2015 wedding cakes are becoming as diverse as the brides who select them. Gone is the de rigueur three-tier frosted in white buttercream, topped with flowers or a spun-sugar bride and groom figure. In are the tiers of gaily-colored cookies, towers of macaroons, and stacks of pancakes.

Of course, brides who select the traditional cakes will not be alone. There are plenty of buttercream choices, but the options are greater from a ombré shading from white to sky blue to darker shades toward its bottom to a cake ruffled with so many white chocolate shavings that it nearly rivals the bride’s dress itself.

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Diversity the Key in 2015 Wedding Cakes’ Design

As for the other choices, the sky’s the limit. One of the most brilliant ideas, a multi-tiered set of clear platters featuring sandwich cookies colored with a rainbow of hues, celebrates the diversity of humanity, coming together in unity to bond a pair of people for life.

Other innovations with non-cake options featured stacks of macaroons in a delicate skyscraper of white coconut toasted golden brown with maraschino cherries peeping out at every window, a huge stack of maple syrup- and butter-drenched hotcakes for breakfast food junkies, and cones constructed of materials as diverse as chocolates and doughnut holes, studded with fruits and flowers as befits the occasion.

Fondant creations include cakes designed to look like a stack of ladies’ hatboxes, fashion-inspired crisp fondant folds that look like pleats on a child’s prim Sunday dress, and cakes with a thousand or more fondant tiles made to resemble priceless tiles from antiquity.

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Edible metallic paint figures big in 2015 wedding cakes’ design. From glistening tiers that look like liquid gold to buttercream with only a hint of gold dust sparkling from its surface, brides are choosing cakes that shine as much as they do.

Finally, sequins and beaded trims are making a big appearance in the designs out of pastry chefs’ wedding creations for 2015. From glistening edible sequins that would look equally at home on a ballerina’s costume to dangling edible beads and fondant flowers that look too real to eat, cakes are taking on the runway for prominence on the design front at least when it comes to wedding fashion.

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