2015 Bridesmaid Dresses

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2015’s bridesmaid dresses have come out of designers’ closets and given us a peek. Bare shoulders abound in the new collection whether bared with swooping asymmetric designs, classic Greek goddess-like tank and halter top gowns draped like ancient statues but leaving the shoulders bare, or simply strapless.

2015 Bridesmaid Dresses Versatile, Classic, Wearable Art

Wedding fashion has indeed come a long way since your mamma got married. Unlike your mother’s bridesmaids’ dresses, whose romantic frills and demure design ensured that they would get stuffed in a box and never worn again, these designs stand up equally well after the wedding as evening gowns in their own right. Whether your bridesmaids favor a night at the symphony or a cocktail party with friends and coworkers, they can wear the 2015 bridesmaid dresses at any formal or semiformal affair without anyone suspecting that their elegant gown was once a bridesmaid dress.

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The shoulders are the first thing you notice that much is certain. Only one of the selections from American bridal wear giant David’s Bridal had the shoulders even halfway covered and that was a black lacy retro design better suited to a funeral than a wedding.

As for the rest of the gowns, the shoulder-baring designs come in a plethora of colors. Even though their design is daring, their hues like so many pastel mints emphasize delicacy. Few dark-colored gowns number among the selections this year. Those that are, boast 80s throwback jewel tones jade, sapphire, ruby among them. One could indeed say that these gowns are “wearable art.”

Neutrals even black figure among the 2015 bridesmaid dresses designers have put on the runway for this year’s brides. For a bride who wants to stand out, these gown shades will take the background, letting her beauty shine through. Again, these gowns will get worn again and again, showing the bride’s thoughtfulness in choosing gowns that won’t get thrown into a box once the “I do’s” are said.

2015 bridesmaid dresses couture

From the shoulders up, these 2015 bridesmaid dresses are daring. Yet below the waist, these designs simply flow. Whether streamlined pencil designs or flowing skirts, these dresses drape, not cling, giving them a classic, timeless appeal that 2015’s bridesmaids will appreciate years down the road.

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