2015 Beach Wedding Dresses

2015 short beach wedding dresses

Beach lovers can take inspiration from the selection of 2015 beach wedding dresses offered by designers this year. Inspired by the ocean, yet running the gamut from barefoot casual minis to full-train mermaid designs, this year’s beach wedding dress designs have something for everyone whose heart has set sail on the open seas.

From Casual to Formal, 2015 Beach Wedding Dresses Can Please Every Bride’s Inner Mermaid

A simple cottony mini in pristine white, together with preppy-casual Bermudas for the groom makes a windswept entrance in a casual beach wedding. Bride and groom, together with the guests, can have a run through the sand in barefoot glory before the reception in a memorable union.

2015 short beach wedding dresses

Roll up your shirtsleeves and your khakis for a nostalgic beach wedding that looks as if it were plucked out of a Gatsby novel. The bride’s Roaring ‘20s dress, straight down to its low waist, then flaring out with ruffles, paired with a pageboy cut, is fit for her big day, yet allows her to run down the beach barefoot with her damp-legged groom whose rolled-up khakis got just a little damp from an errant wave.

If you love the beach, but your tastes run more formal, you may want to choose a mermaid-themed gown for your beachside ceremony. The shapely design, with its distinctive flared-out “tail” can go formal during the ceremony, train and all, yet after all is said and done, allow enough room to comfortably stroll along the beach after the train is flung aside and the guests busy themselves with the refreshments.

Want to not only stroll through the water but actually take the plunge? A gown designed with a removable skirt or a gauzy skirt that allows easy movement in the water is just the thing for a bride and groom who want to take a dip after they have taken the vows. With the variety of design choices in the collections of 2015 beach wedding dresses, that option is not only available it is available in a wide range of styles.

2015 white beach dresses

What could be more romantic than a pair of sea lovers enjoying the ocean’s delights at their own wedding? With this year’s collection of beach wedding dresses, such dreams can come true.

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